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Special Interest Safaris

The well developed tourism infrastructure of South Africa means that we can offer you a range of unique, special interest packages. From the classic elegance of a rail journey in beautifully restore steam train carriages to wildlife specific encounters with experienced big game vets. All the safaris in this category offer you a chance to do something special with your vacation.

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Professional Field Guide Course
A year of living and learning in the African wilderness! This accredited and comprehensive course comprises 5 - 6 months theoretical and practical field guide training from four bush camps, followed by 4 – 5 months of practical experience at a reputable lodge. It is designed to provide the highest calibre of qualified professional field guides, and is the ideal course for people wishing to enter the industry as field guides, or for those wanting a meaningful, nature-orientated gap year, with in-depth learning and adventure in nature.
PRICE  R 209 300 per person (2015)

Rhino Conservation Safari
This four day luxury safari in lush northern KwaZulu-Natal gets you up-close-and-personal with endangered rhino, allowing you to participate intimately in important rhino conservation efforts. Not only will you experience the joys of an African safari, but your participation also means significant contribution to a variety of wildlife and conservation efforts.
PRICE  R 23 000 per person sharing

Safari Guide course
Become a safari guide in the wilderness areas of Kenya or South Africa! This well-known 28 day Safari Guide training course aimed at those wishing to experience a bush holiday, whilst also learning about the natural environment they inhabit. You will spend 28 days of living and learning in nature at beautiful wilderness camps, and will gain an enormous amount of practical and theoretical knowledge of the natural environment.
PRICE  R 36 800 per person

Wilderness Trails Guide course
Explore the wilderness of the majestic Makuleke concession in the famed Kruger National Park, or Mashatu Reserve in Botswana, on foot, on this 28 day (FGASA accredited) course. The majority of time will be spent enjoying bush walks in big game country, and the course is conducted in untouched, diverse areas and thus provides a truly authentic field guide experience. Your wildlife knowledge, situational awareness and environmental appreciation will increase exponentially, whether you are a career guide working towards a qualification, or just interested in having a once-in-a-lifetime holiday experience.
PRICE  R 37 850.00 per person

South Africa Wildlife Icons
This eight day luxury safari shows you the very best of the Eastern Cape. You’ll visit two Big Five game reserves, as well as the stunning Mountain Zebra Park, and be exposed to the conservation issues and efforts of endangered species. The highlight is undoubtedly being part of the rhino immobilisation team, and getting hands on with one of these enormous creatures.
PRICE  R 46 000 per person sharing

Beginner Field Guide Training
This 55 day course is the entry level qualification into field guiding (vehicle-based guiding in dangerous game areas). The syllabus covers a broad spectrum of subjects including telemetry, 4x4 vehicle skills (specific for game viewing), species identification (plants, birds, trees, etc), basic rifle handling skills, and tracking. You will learn basic bush survival skills, how to navigate/ orientate yourself in the wilderness, how to safely approach dangerous game on foot, and how to manage dangerous game encounters with guests. You will also become equipped with techniques for proper binocular use and vehicle positioning for wildlife photography.
PRICE  R 55 000 per person

Kruger Park Walking Safari
Johannesburg > Kruger National Park > Johannesburg: This four day tour takes you into the heart of one the biggest reserves in Africa, home to an impressive number of bird, plant and animal species. You’ll have the chance of seeing the Big Five and also experience one of the most beautiful and diverse wildlife havens on earth. On this tour you’ll have the amazing opportunity to go on foot into the park, with an experienced guide, and learn an enormous amount about Kruger’s inhabitants, from the big to the tiny, and its long history.
PRICE  R 8 755.00 per person sharing

Birding in the Bush
Whether you are a birding fanatic, or simply interested in broadening your knowledge of birds, the SEVEN day Birding in the Bush course will equip you to successfully identify a plethora of South African bird species by sight and sound. Based in wilderness areas in South Africa or Botswana, you will learn while experiencing some of the best safari destinations in Africa.
PRICE  R 9 950.00 per person

EcoQuest - Introduction to Ecology
On this one or two week course you will learn about the fascinating large and small elements of our natural surroundings, about the amazing variety of living organisms that exist in nature. Study the behavior, interaction and identification of many small creatures and birds in our ecosystems. Understand the underlying elements that support this amazing variety of life such as geology, soils, plants and climate. While you study how the smaller organisms interact with one another and their environment, you will also learn to identify and study the behaviour of the larger wild animals that roam our wilderness areas
PRICE  R 9 999.00 - R 19 800.00 depending on duration

Sardine Run Extravaganza
Experience the utterly remarkable, and largely unexplained, sardine run, which happens every year during May and June in South Africa. Billions of silver sardines travel north from the cold oceans off South Africa’s Cape Point and make their way up the picturesque South African coast. Marvel at the mesmerising array of marine and bird life that is drawn to the spectacle to feed.

Picture tens of thousands of birds plunging from the sky, with larger game fish, whales and numerous species of sharks all feasting on the sardines. The numbers and variety of marine life is astounding: bronze whale sharks, Zambezi sharks, hammerheads, copper sharks and great whites, as well as hundreds of bottlenose and common dolphins.
PRICE  US$ 4 295.00 per person sharing

Walking South Africa
Johannesburg > Mpumalanga > Kruger > Swaziland > Zululand > Drakensberg > Johannesburg. 14 day small group participation accommodated tour. A walking specific tour aimed at showing you some of the best day walks in northen South Africa.
PRICE  € 1 595.00 per person sharing